K&M’s Extended Reach Architect (ERA) software platform offers a dynamic and user friendly environment that allows engineers to gain a better understanding of the loads, stresses and pressures encountered during the well construction process.

K&M is happy to demonstrate key features of ERA, or provide complimentary 30 day licenses for our clients to experience the speed, power, and versatility of ERA.


Intuitive and customer-focused.

ERA was built to solve well construction problems that engineers face every day.

Never before has software been built to place the user in a position to see the impact that design changes have on the overall construction process. Inputs are linked throughout each phase of well construction. Changes made to solve a particular problem are automatically accounted for in all subsequent operations, with results displayed immediately.


Proven results for over 20 years.

K&M employees stake their reputations on the accuracy of our software.

ERA algorithms are field-proven and used on a daily basis on the most challenging wells in the world. When it has to be right, would you trust anything other than field-proven drilling software?


100 times faster.

ERA is now over 100 times faster than our previous generation software.

With modern advances in computing hardware, our software developers were able to incorporate an advanced architecture that has accelerated computations and created an eye popping graphical interface. A recent bench test clocked ERA at over 100 times faster than our previous generation software. With countless tasks expected of the modern Drilling Engineer, who has time to wait for answers?

try era yourself.

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