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Training Offerings

Drilling training that “extends the envelope”

ERD Well Planning Training

  • 5-Day HERDIT (Horizontal Extended Reach Drilling Industry Training) Well Planning Course

These courses are most frequently taught near Houston, TX. However, K&M also provides training in other parts of the world through each year. In addition K&M provides training to individual clients upon request at a venue which is convenient for you with material customized for your specific project. 


This comprehensive design and implementation course is targeted at the experienced drilling and completion engineers, drilling superintendents and drilling managers. See the list of upcoming training for details.


Operational Training

The courses are custom-designed and targeted at the Company-man and Toolpusher, however, the course content covers topics that are applicable to everyone from the Shaker-hand to the Operations Superintendent. We have found that inviting the entire rig crew and, especially, the service company personnel to the course proves to be invaluable when it comes to implementing the practices in the field.


K&M’s operational courses are taught twice to hit both sides of the rig crew. Each participant is given a Participant’s Manual which consists of all of the teaching and workshop materials in the course as well as the course homework.


TAD Training

K&M’s proprietary world class TAD software is available for lease. Although, training is not included in the cost of the software it may be provided to clients upon request at an additional fee. The duration of the TAD training courses vary depending upon the clients’ specific requirements.



The course fee covers the Tablet, which is pre-loaded with the software, training material, and case studies so the attendees not only learn during the training course, but they can also revisit the App at a later date to refresh their memories or share with colleagues what they have learned.  Please note that K&M cannot be responsible for supporting the device or anything related to the device other than to assure it’s operability during the class.

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